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“Fluttarn”, C+C=Maxigross' second full-length album, is the conclusion of a trilogy of records recorded in their own Vaggimal Studios in the village of Vaggimal, outside Verona, a settlement with 114 inhabitants located 732 metres above sea level, which follows their first EP "Singar" ("To sing", in Cimbrian), in 2011, and their first album "Ruvain" ("To make noise"), in 2013.
The choice of using titles in Cimbrian, a germanic language imported to the Lessinia hills between Verona, Trento and Vicenzo in medieval times by germanic settlers, is an homage to their magical and unknown land. In Lessinia, this language is now only known and spoken by few dozens of individuals.

The adventure of the psychedelic collective C+C=Maxigross began in 2009, when the band decided to record in a house on the mountains. They put together a group of songs they wrote with friends, during evenings spent around the fire or walking through Lessinia’s woods. When the EP “Singar” came out they never expected that their name would spread from blog to blog, magazine to magazine. This success allowed them to play everywhere in Italy, from the North to the South. In 2012 they won Arezzo Wave, one of the main Italian music festival contests, and eventually landed in the United States for a mini­tour with one stop at the CMJ Music Marathon in New York.

In April 2013 they recorded their first album, “Ruvain” (Vaggimal/Audioglobe), with some songs produced and recorded analogically on an 8-track tape recorder by Marco Fasolo (Jennifer Gentle) and other songs recorded live by the band itself in their studio on the mountains, during long nocturnal jam sessions.

“Ruvain”, a word that in the ancient cimbrian language means “to make noise”, was acclaimed by critics and won the prize for the best self-produced album (PIMI) at MEI, the meeting of Italian independent labels, and the album allowed them to tour for a year and a half with no breaks. Highlights of this tour were several international festivals, such as Primavera Sound 2014 in Barcelona, Eurosonic in Groningen (NL), Reeperbahn and Fusion Festival in Germany.

In 2014 they undertook a special tour with the Norwegian musician Martin Hagfors (HGH, ex Home Groan), with whom they recorded and EP. This project was called: “An Instantaneous Journey with Martin Hagfors & C+C=Maxigross”.

Every Summer since 2014 they organize the Lessinia Psych Fest, International Festival of Folk and Psychedelic Folk, which is hosted on the mountains around Verona, with artists like Jennifer Gentle, Miles Cooper Seaton (Akron/Family), IOSONOUNCANE, The Pussywarmers, Hobocombo and many more.

In November 2015 they've released their second official album "Fluttarn" (that in Cimbrian means "to flutter, to fly about, to fly away") as a conclusion of a trilogy of records recorded in their own Vaggimal Studios in the village of Vaggimal, outside Verona, a settlement with 114 inhabitants located 732 metres above sea level. "Fluttarn" features artists like Miles Cooper Seaton (Akron/Family), Martin Hagfors (HGH), Marco Fasolo (Jennifer Gentle) and Håkon Gebhardt (Motorpsycho).

They are currently working on a special album entirely recorded with Miles Cooper Seaton (Akron/Family) & Joe Westerlund (Megafaun/Grandma Sparrow/Califone).

In the beginning, the music of C+C=Maxigross was often described as psychedelic folk, an expression that properly defines their beginnings when the sound was mainly acoustic and enriched by vocal harmonies and simple arrangements, like traditional songs from the mountains. Now that C+C=Maxigross have become a powerful live band, electric and improvisation parts have also become fundamental during the composition process and the new songs are more reminiscent of Grateful Dead and Crazy Horse, and always devoted to the craziness of Os Mutantes.


released November 6, 2015

Fluttarn is written, played and produced by C+C=Maxigross.

C+C=Maxigross in this album are:
Francesco Ambrosini, Filippo Brugnoli, Niccolò Cruciani, Tobia Poltronieri

With Marco Fasolo (vocals on track 2), Martin Hagfors (vocals on track 9), Miles Cooper Seaton (guitars and drones on track 3, 8, 9), Håkon Gebhardt (banjo on track 7), Kjell Olav Karlsen Martinsen (steel guitar on track 7), Alice Sofia Molesini & Giulia Vallisari (vocals on track 1 & 10).

This record wouldn’t exist without:
our families, our friends, Miles Cooper Seaton, Marco Fasolo, Martin Hagfors, Carlotta Favretto, Mattia Tramonti, Stefano Saccomani, Gianluca Giusti, Damiano Miceli, Robin Luis Fernandez, Andrea Lodi, Michele Orvieti and the guys at Sfera Cubica, Anita Richelli and the guys at Paper & Iron, Andrea Sbaragli, Fabio Vergani and the guys at A Buzz Supreme, Ana Blagojevic, Anita Poltronieri, Mattia Pasquali, Riccardo Orlandi, Ermanno Menini, Samuele Tezza, Alessandro Anderloni, Gabriella Palatini, Maria Comunian, Guido Biondi, Silvia Di Natale, Cru On Space, Contrada Lorì, Hardcobaleno, Jenny Penny Full, Schneider Nur, Jennifer Gentle, Grimoon, Silva Cantele, Håkon Gebhardt, Kjell Olav Karlsen Martinsen, Alice Sofia Molesini, Giulia Vallisari, Joe Westerlund, Mark Fry, The Pussywarmers, Jacopo Incani, Jerry and the Deads, Kendrick Lamar, Dumbo Gets Mad, Andrea Lovato & I Bonatti, Lessinia Psych Fest, Balera Veronetta & Nano staff, Interzona, Sotterranei, Bebop Schallplatten family, Maik, Steffi and Freak Valley Festival, MÜ, Highline Meeting Monte Piana, Salumificio Benedetti, Pizzeria Lumière, Osteria da Morandìn. Thank you so much.

This record is dedicated to Roberto Rizzini.

Recorded and mixed by Francesco Ambrosini at Vaggimal Studios (Sant’Anna d’Alfaedo, Italy) between december 2014 and august 2015. Mastered by Samuele Tezza and Francesco Ambrosini at Sample Studio (Pescantina, Italy).

Artwork by Anita Poltronieri. Photos by Ana Blagojevic.


Band: cpiucmassagross@gmail.com

Vaggimal Records www.vaggimal.com info@vaggimal.com
Trovarobato www.trovarobato.com staff@trovarobato.com

Booking (Italy) & Mgmt: Gianluca Giusti gianluca@modernista.org

Booking (Europe): Anita Richelli anitar@paperandironbooking.com

Press & Publishing (Italy): Andrea Sbaragli andrea@abuzzsupreme.it


all rights reserved



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Track Name: You Won’t Wait At The Arrival
You Won’t Wait At The Arrival
you won’t wait at the arrival
by the side of a Mc Drive
Track Name: Born Into It
born into
fadin’ away
consider that
consider that
consider that, baby
any move that you make
it ends the same, baby

shame road
feeling my time
Track Name: Bruce Skate
'cause of many life I decided to die
it's the same bad luck to me
all my hopes gonna feel
like a treasure in your home
you can really know I'm tired

faith for a lucky insane another day
she's like living in pray
will pass with brave and fall I stay
and now I'm saying
nobody says that I'm running too much
it's the same bad lucky to me
and I hope gonna feel
like a treasure in your home
I hope gonna feel
like treasure in your thoughts
I really 'cause I really find
the top of the railway station

now I really know that your life is on fire
understanding that it's all right
every time people changes
become full of pride
finally they shut the lights
Track Name: Every Time I Listen To The Stones
I believe in the music that I hear
with my soul in my bones
and she makes me feel so strong
as in the fields that I've seen
when I travel through my dreams
in this blue purple evening
but I don't mind these dark colors
'cause I choose that it will be
another sunny year
with bright people on the stairs
and someone that is cooking
in a house, that is full
of the instruments you should
learn to play, but it's ok
everyone is here to stay

is that wrong or is that right?
for this stuff I don't wanna fight
'cause I'll spend all my time
that is valued as a dime
but the price is not too high
if you'll be here by my side
teachin' me how it will be
It's so scary also for meeee

and since the day that I was born
that I've expected for something more
millions years are passing by
and no one here is asking "Why?"
truly guided by the heart
we're only trying to make some art
waking up I think about that
and I feel not so perfect

I believe in the music that I hear
with my soul in my bones
everytime I listen to the Stones
Track Name: Let It Go
I feel my chest crushed by something
a huge weight crushing me
persistin’ I feel it
I wish I could close my eyes and stop it all

then do it, close your eyes
weightless adrift and oh you are free
all is right, you can let your fear subside
breathing out the negativity

let it go

the terror in my eyes is fiction
written by me, some kind of masochism
looking in, to face a dark that scares me
breathe and put away the negativity
Track Name: Est 1973
I wanna let her go
she doesn’t know
I was fighting a little war across
this old times barber shop
truly afterwards
and after all
it was twenty years ago
now I’m so old

“Can you sing me a song”?
could it be so wrong?
is what that guy said me to prove
how can he be so mean
dreamin’ far from home
he was no one
thousand miles were to be done
“Go and take the van”

the teacher was not so good
but I’m not sure
maybe after all these years
it’s only fear
please take a cup of tea
it’s not for me
there is more than you can see
it’s all I can give

I was richer than I would
I wish I could
let’s start a new tour
I’m in the right mood

a sleepy jamboree
a journey with the bees, please
don’t hurt me with your knees
your skin is freezing now

now that she has gone
i’ve lost the war
but my hair is growing long
far from the barber shop

I wanna let her go
Track Name: An Afternoon With Paul
- (Why Are You Still So) Lonely?

nothing’s better than a tea
satisfaction guaranteed
it makes you sit down to chill out and roll it
also a nice one is the sea
you can stare it while you sleep
but don’t forget at all that you are swimming
no one’s left and all is gone
also Mother Nature’s son
after all these years you’re still an asshole

lonely, why are you still so lonely
in this lonely afternoooooon?
warming, you need something warming
but the cold is youuuuu!

closed eyes
think it twice
it’s all right

scrambled eggs, meat without bones
coloured hair make you feel a lord
but there’s always someone better looking (and cooking)
winning time is truly ended
and people outside is getting tired
they don’t know that you’re trying to help them (baaaaad)

starry eyes
lose it twice
it’s so bright

- Paradise

starry eyes

- Travel In Vain

tr avel in vain
for the reason that I know why
Track Name: Moon Boots
I’ll never know, I'll never know
I'll never know if I would have ever tried
or should I go or should I go
or should I go to make it mine?
these are the words, these are the thoughts
that I still see bright in your eyes
pull up the tent, don’t make it bad
I know it’s sad but that’s the time

if you’re not sure, If you’re not sure
if you’re not sure you pass on by
there are a million things to do
when you’re feeling left behind
changin’ the places, far from the cities
where I’ve left venetian minds
and grandma says she’s very happy
‘cuz I’m doing’ right never going down

forget the wars, forget the poor
this stuff is older than the bible
I’ve read it all, I’ve read the whole
connecting the apostles's pride
it’s not a fault, I’ve changed opinion
to be gentle and to be kind
I’ve learned more in these months
than I've could ever done
if I had never turned around

and if I’ll take wrong skilift
sorry but it will be funny enough
taking a walk under the rain or snow
don’t mind ‘cuz I'll never touch the ground

and now that the tale is over, dear friend,
I’m still floating around
but as you see it’s all quiet and I’m ok
‘cuz I’ve finally touched the ground
Track Name: Rather Than Saint Valentine’s Day Part III
- The Party

at the party it's accepted
that you dance that you dance that you dance
like in trance like in trance like in trance

don't you know I'll never fall
on the ground, still it is so under
Rhythm'n'Blues it's a groovy thing
oh no I miss you, strange this issue ah

in the forest it's so easy
keep in touch keep in touch keep in toooouch
to be on the top be on the top be on the top

- Bubbles

at that point it's so easy going to say "ah ah ah"
bubbles boing which sound like toys make "ah ah ah"
buy more eyes, point to the sky it's so bright
no I miss you, strange this issue ah

- Trance Compilation

one more sketch, don't be so thankless
the whole audience won't accept
quiet not even in a million years
could also shed hectolitres of tears
If it has been good or it has been bad
I don't mind, I'll go to bed
It's a open party for everyone
but the selection is all mine

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